32DD Boobs

32DD boobs hang at a woman's chest the way a gemstone tends to hang at the end of a pearl necklace. They are the boom in "badaboom!" and are just large enough to bring to reality what many men fantasize about: giving a nice titty fucking. 32DD titties are the perfect size for watching cum drip down on a round slope or for burying one's face between. Just look at the way they fill up that top and threaten to spill out of sexy, lace lingerie. To say a woman has cleavage with a pair of breasts as lovely as these would be an understatement, while watching a hot pornstar caress a set of melons these big will take your breath away. These hooters are just big enough to really sway back and forth while a hot chick enjoys taking it doggy style without looking like they're flopping around uncontrollably.

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